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The Great Foodini Food Truck provides lunch and/or dinner to many local businesses.  Why not have The Great Foodini Food Truck at yours?

We understand how valuable your lunch time is.  That's why we will make ordering lunch as convenient as possible!  Send us a text the morning of our visit with your name and order, and vuala your order will be ready to go at the time you request!

Business Owners & Management Team!  Boost employee moral by bringing them a healthy, convenient and reasonably priced lunch right to their door step.  Giving employees the opportunity to step outside for some fresh air to a freshly made lunch will not only show your employees appreciation, it can increase work productivity, improve relations among staff and increase employee moral over all.

Yes!  The magic of the Great Foodini Food Truck can be THAT AMAZING!!

When the Great Foodini Food Truck serves lunch or dinner at a business, there is no cost directly to the business.  Most businesses schedule weekly lunches, however we can visit as many or as few times as you would like, depending on availability.

Give us a call at 716.807.1923 or send us an email at Contact Us for more details!